3KVA Line Interactive UPS, w/ USB port

Model: RPT-3003AUL

  • User-friendly LCD display
  • Auto shutdown with no load (Dip Switch setup)
  • Auto restart on AC recovery
  • Buzzer alarm auto reset (Dip Switch setup)
  • Cold start function using DC power
  • Surge suppression for Tel/Modem/Fax/Internet
  • Boost and Buck AVR for input voltage stability
  • Lightning, surge, overload, and short circuit protection
  • Built-in CCCV battery charger with over drain protection
  • Manage functions via PC with RS-232 or USB port

RPT-3003AUL is a robust 3KVA Line Interactive UPS that employs an advanced MCU high-speed processing chip to enhance load safety and operational efficiency. This chip empowers the UPS to manage tasks with precision and effectiveness, optimizing overall performance.

An outstanding feature of the RPT-3003AUL is its intelligent surge protection with a high-power surge receiver, safeguarding connected electronic devices from lightning-induced surges and voltage spikes. This protection ensures equipment longevity and reliability, making it valuable in areas prone to electrical disturbances. Additionally, the UPS boasts an intelligent voltage stabilization function that maintains a consistent output despite fluctuations in input waveforms, ensuring a reliable power supply. Its ultra-wide voltage/frequency input acceptance range equips the UPS to handle challenging power conditions effectively, providing stable power to connected devices.

RPT-3003AUL not only excels in technical capabilities but also addresses concerns related to sudden power failures. By granting users time to respond, it mitigates potential losses and reinforces operational continuity. Overall, the RPT-3003AUL combines technological prowess, adaptability, and protection, ensuring reliable performance in demanding power scenarios.

RPT-3003AUL 3KVA/1800W Line Interactive UPS, w/ USB port

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