Wiring system

Repotec offers a complete range of network wiring products to facilitate the installation of LAN cables, connectors, and connecting hardware throughout a business facility.

In addition to Ethernet cables, we also provide Patch Panels and Ethernet Tools and accessories to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

REPOTEC Ethernet Cable Tester | RP-1702U


Remote Cable Tester
*Detachable module for testing two remote points
*Connector: RJ-45/BNC/RJ-11/USB each on main unit & remote module

REPTOEC rj45 modular plug

RJ45 8P8C Module Plug

RP-88C503 | RP-88C503S | RP-88C605 | RP-88C605S | RP-88C714S
Cat.5/Cat.6/Cat.7 RJ45 8P8C Module Plug