Remote Cable Tester

    • Detachable module for testing two remote points
    • Open/Short wiring test
    • Connected wires display
    • Ethernet 10BASE-2 termination value detector
    • Equipped with RJ-45 and RJ-11 ports both with 50µ gold plating
    • Non-parallel display
    • One step operation
    • Powered by 9V alkaline battery
    • Automatic deactivation
    • Palm size with carrying bag

    • Open/short LAN cable tester (STP/UTP, LocalTalk, PhoneNet,Thin Coaxial)
    • Separable passive module designed for testing the installed cables
    • Termination value test for BNC connectors
    • Compact, light, and portable
    • Single operation button, easy operation step
    • Connector:
      RJ-45/BNC/RJ-11/USB each on main unit
      RJ-45/BNC/RJ-11/USB each on separable remote module
    • 5 LEDs for Testing:
      * Open/Short wiring test
      * Connected wires display
      * No connection/no terminator indication
      * Wrong connection/Non-parallel connection display
      * Ethernet 10BASE-2/10BASE-5 terminator value detection
    • Dimension:142 * 85 * 25 mm
    • Remote passive module included

  • RP-1702U  Remote Cable Tester

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