RPT-5715DU | RPT-5720DU | RPT-5730DU

1500VA ~ 3000VA Line Interactive UPS

Model: RPT-5715DU | RPT-5720DU | RPT-5730DU

  • Driven by a sophisticated microprocessor for enhanced reliability
  • Features 2-steps boost & 1-step buck AVR for stable output voltage
  • USB port and monitor software is designed to manage UPS status via PC
  • Built-in DC start function for AC-independent startup
  • Incorporates CCCV battery charger for consistent charging
  • Supports off-mode charging even with power switch off
  • Enables auto-restart upon AC recovery and auto-shutdown on low battery
  • Offers over/under voltage protection with seamless battery mode transition
  • Facilitates easy battery replacement
  • Provides 175-joule lightning/surge protection

The RPT-57xxDU series is a Line Interactive UPS that offers comprehensive power protection with high reliability. Its durable plastic cabinet provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive metal cabinet, making it affordable for a wider range of users. Equipped with 2-steps boost and 1-step buck AVR regulators, it stabilizes output voltage and corrects abnormal voltages, safeguarding connected devices. With an ultra-wide voltage and frequency input range, it adapts to harsh power conditions, ensuring stable and reliable power for equipment.

The RPT-57xxDU series excels in power protection for home and office applications. Its microprocessor control technology guarantees reliability while its sturdy plastic cabinet reduces costs without compromising performance. The 2-steps boost and 1-step buck AVR regulators provide voltage stability and protection against abnormalities. Furthermore, its ultra-wide voltage and frequency input acceptance range ensures consistent power delivery in challenging environments. With the RPT-57xxDU, you can trust your computer to stay powered and data secure.

Experience hassle-free maintenance with the RPT-57xxDU series. The battery sliding door design allows for easy replacement, simplifying upkeep procedures. This convenient feature saves time and effort, ensuring your UPS is always ready to provide reliable power protection. Choose the RPT-57xxDU for a cost-effective, dependable power supply solution that safeguards your devices and prevents data loss during power failures.

RPT-5715DU 1500VA/900W Line Interactive UPS with USB port
RPT-5720DU 2000VA/1200W Line Interactive UPS with USB port
RPT-5730DU 3000VA/1800W Line Interactive UPS with USB port

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