RPT-3210TR | RPT-3220TR

1000VA~2000VA Line Interactive UPS, Rack / Tower Type

Model: RPT-3210TR | RPT-3220TR

  • Versatile Line Interactive UPS
  • Rack mount or tower convertible design
  • Comprehensive power protection
  • Utilizes microprocessor control technology
  • Built-in 2-step boost &1-step buck AVR regulators
  • Stabilizes output voltage fluctuations
  • Corrects abnormal voltages for device protection
  • Handles complex power environments
  • Built-in high-power surge absorber
  • Filters electric wave interference
  • Ultra-wide voltage and frequency input range
  • LCD screen display for easy monitoring

RPT-3210TR series is a versatile Line Interactive UPS that can be mounted in a rack or used as a tower. It offers a convertible design, providing flexibility for different installation requirements. Designed to provide comprehensive power protection, the RPT-3210TR series utilizes microprocessor control technology to ensure exceptional reliability in safeguarding against potential power problems.

With its powerful capabilities, the RPT-3210TR series serves as an effective power supply solution, specifically designed to prevent data loss in servers or network equipment caused by power failures. Equipped with built-in 2-step boost and 1-step buck AVR regulators, this UPS stabilizes output voltage fluctuations and corrects abnormal voltages, effectively protecting connected devices. It is well-equipped to handle complex power environments, delivering a stable voltage across various input waveforms.

RPT-3210TR series features a built-in high-power surge absorber, providing reliable protection against lightning strikes and filtering out various forms of electric wave interference. Its ultra-wide voltage and ultra-wide frequency input acceptance range make it exceptionally capable of coping with harsh power conditions. By ensuring stable and reliable power, this UPS creates a safer power environment for your equipment. The inclusion of an LCD screen display allows users to easily monitor the status of the UPS, providing a convenient way to stay informed. With the RPT-3210TR series, you can trust that your equipment will remain safe even in unstable power environments.

RPT-3210TR 1000VA / 600W Line Interactive UPS, w/ USB port
RPT-3220TR 2000VA / 1200W Line Interactive UPS, w/ USB port

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