8-Port 10/100TX + 2-P 1000T/SFP Industrial Ethernet Switch

Model: RP-ISF082G

  • Wide voltage range support (12V to 48V DC)
  • SFP supports 100/1000 Dual Mode
  • Store-and-forward switching architecture
  • 6Gbps backplane (Switching Fabric)
  • 1Mbits packet buffer, 8K MAC Address Table
  • EFT and Ethernet ESD protection
  • Compact metal case with IP-30 protection
  • Supports DIN rail and wall mounting
  • Wide operating temperature range support

RP-ISF082G equips 8-port 10/100TX and 2-port 1000T/SFP . The switch is capable of handling wide voltage ranges from 12V to 48V DC, safeguarding the connected equipment against unregulated voltage fluctuations. This feature significantly enhances system safety and reliability.

RP-ISF082G features a compact metal case with IP-30 protection, complying with industry standards for ruggedness and durability. It supports both DIN rail and wall mounting, allowing efficient use of cabinet space and providing flexibility in installation.

RP-ISF082G is a reliable and cost-efficient industrial Ethernet switch designed for various industrial applications, including factory assembly lines, automation systems, transportation, and heavy industrial factories. It meets the requirements of industrial applications, ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation.

RP-ISF082G  8-Port 10/100TX + 2-P 1000T/SFP Industrial Ethernet Switch

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