6-P Gigabit +2-SFP(100/1G) slot slim type Industrial Switch

Model: RP-ISG602F

  • Wide power input range for voltage protection
  • Stable power supply for varying requirements
  • 10Gbps back-plane capacity
  • IEEE 802.3x flow control & back-pressure
  • Features like Jumbo frames and MAC forwarding
  • Supports QoS and Storm Control
  • Redundant power design with protection
  • Compact IP-30 metal case for easy installation
  • Sturdy design for harsh environments

RP-ISG602F is a slim type industrial switch designed for industrial networking applications. It offers a comprehensive solution with its 6-P Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 SFP(100/1G) slots, providing versatility for connecting various Ethernet devices such as Ethernet I/O, IP cameras, and other Ethernet switches. The switch ensures a plug-and-play experience, making it easy to set up standard industrial setups.

RP-ISG602F supports wide power input voltage range of +12 ~ +56Vdc. This flexibility in power input protects the equipment against unregulated voltage, enhancing the safety and reliability of the system. Whether dealing with fluctuating power sources or different power requirements, the RP-ISG602F is designed to accommodate these variations and provide a stable power supply.

RP-ISG602Fquips a compact IP-30 standard metal case, allowing for easy installation on a DIN rail or wall mounting. Its sturdy design enables it to withstand harsh industrial environments, making it suitable for deployment in rugged conditions.

RP-ISG602F 6-P Gigabit +2-SFP(100/1G) slot slim type Industrial Switch

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