RPT-400DU series

RPT-400DU | RPT-600DU | RPT-800DU | RPT-1003DU
400~1000VA Line Interactive UPS

  • RPT-400DU series provides comprehensive power protection against any possible power problem, using microprocessor control technology to ensure high reliability. RPT-400DU series is suitable for home or small office applications.

    RPT-400DU series is a power supply solution that can prevent your computer from losing data due to power failure.

    Built-in 2-step boost and 1-step buck AVR regulators can stabilize output voltage fluctuations and correct any abnormal voltages to protect connected devices, this can easily cope with the complex power environment.

    RPT-400DU series output a stable voltage under a variety of different input waveforms.

    It has a built-in high-power surge absorber to prevent electrical equipment from being damaged by lightning strikes, and to filter all kinds of electric wave interference. The ultra-wide voltage and ultra-wide frequency input acceptance range are more able to cope with the harsh power environment, provide stable and reliable power, and provide a safer power environment for equipment.

    With RPT-400DU series, you don't need to worry about damaging your equipment under unstable power environments.

    • Line Interactive UPS with interactive topology
    • Controlled by a technologically advanced microprocessor guaranteeing high reliability
    • Equipped with 2 boost & 1 buck AVR function to regulate output voltage
    • Cold start function: built-in DC start function enables UPS to be started without AC power supplied
    • Auto Restart Upon AC Recovery
    • Built-in CCCV Battery Charger
    • Off-mode Charging
    • UPS Green Mode: Energy saving function
    • USB port and cable for managing functions via PC

  • Front Panel

    1.    Master power Switch:
    “ON/OFF/TEST/SILENCE” button.
    2.    On-Line LED: AC normal
    3.    Back-Up LED: Battery in backup
    4.     Cut-Off LED: Overload or Fault or Replace Battery


    Rear Panel

    1. AC Input:Connect to input power cord

    2. AC Fuse/circuit Breaker: Provide Circuit overload and fault protection for the UPS and load

    3. Outlets

    4. RJ-11

    5. Communication interface:USB port





  • Model No. RPT-400DU RPT-600DU RPT-800DU RPT-1003DU
    Capacity   400VA/240W 600VA/360W 800VA/480W 1000VA/600W
    Input   Voltage 110/115/120Vac or 220V/230/240Vac
    Voltage Range  -30%+25%
    Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz (Auto Sensing)
    Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode)   110/115/120VAC or 220/230/240VAC +/-10%
    Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz +/- 1Hz
    Waveform Simulated Sinewave
    Transfer Time < 6ms(Typical)
    Outlet IEC-320/Nema 5-15R 4/4 6/6
    Universal/German 2/3
    Battery     Voltage 12VDC 24VDC
    Recharge Time 5hr to 90% after complete discharge
    Safety Protection Over Charge & Discharge Protection
    Advanced Battery Management YES
    Back-up Time (Load with 1PC ) 10 Minutes 20 Minutes 30 Minutes 40 Minutes
    Display  LED status indicator Normal (Green), Battery (Yellow), UPS cut off (Red)
    LCD status display I/P & O/P Voltage & Frequency, Load %, Battery %
    Audible Alarm Battery Mode Beeping twice every 8 second
    Low Battery  Beeping four times every second
    Overload Beeping continuously
    Fault Beeping continuously
    AVR (Auto Voltage Regulation) 2 Boost + 1 Buck
    DC start function YES
    Auto restart UPS YES
    Over/Under voltage protection YES
    No load Cut-off (Green mode) YES
    Silence the Audible Alarm YES
    Off Mode Charging YES
    Short Circuit Protection AC fuse and Electronics circuit(Line mode) ;
    Electronics circuit(Back-up Mode)
    Lightning/ Surge Protection 99 Joules(110/115/120VAC)  /  175 Joules (220/230/240VAC)
    Modem/Phone protection (Optional) RJ-11
    Communication port (Optional) USB port
    Software OPTIONAL
    Environment   Operating Temperature 0° C - 40° C (32℉~104℉)
    Humidity 0-95% (No condensing)
    Acoustic Noise <40 dB at 1M
    Safety Standard

    LVC CE(EN60950-1:2006+A11:2009 +A1:2010+A12:2011)
    EMC CE(EN55022 :2010 ; EN5024 :2010)
    Physical Dimension (UPS Case) (W*D*H) 305*98*170mm 385*98*170mm

    *Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

  • RPT-400DU 400VA/240W Line Interactive UPS with USB port
    RPT-600DU 600VA/360W Line Interactive UPS with USB port
    RPT-800DU 800VA/480W Line Interactive UPS with USB port
    RPT-1003DU 1000VA/600W Line Interactive UPS with USB port

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