3000VA Line Interactive UPS, Rack / Tower Type

Model: RPT-3130TR

  • Versatile Line Interactive UPS
  • Rack mount or tower convertible design
  • Advanced microprocessor control technology
  • Comprehensive power protection for reliability
  • Prevents data loss from power failures
  • Built-in 2-step boost &1-step buck AVR regulators
  • Stabilizes output voltage fluctuations
  • Corrects abnormal voltages for device safety
  • Built-in surge absorber for lightning protection
  • Filters electric wave interference
  • Ultra-wide voltage and frequency input range
  • LCD screen display for easy monitoring

RPT-3130TR is a versatile Line Interactive UPS that offers a rack mount or tower convertible design, providing flexible installation options based on your needs. This UPS model, with its advanced microprocessor control technology, delivers comprehensive power protection to guard against any potential power issues. Its primary focus is ensuring high reliability for your equipment.
Specifically designed for servers or network equipment, the RPT-3130TR serves as a reliable power supply solution, effectively preventing data loss resulting from power failures.

Equipped with built-in 2-step boost and 1-step buck AVR regulators, RPT-3130TR stabilizes output voltage fluctuations and corrects abnormal voltages to safeguard connected devices. It seamlessly handles complex power environments, guaranteeing a stable voltage output across various input waveforms. RPT-3130TR incorporates a built-in high-power surge absorber, shielding electrical equipment from lightning strikes and filtering out different types of electric wave interference. With its ultra-wide voltage and ultra-wide frequency input acceptance range, RPT-3130TR is well-equipped to handle challenging power conditions. It provides stable and reliable power, creating a safer environment for your equipment.

Additionally, the UPS features an LCD screen display that enables users to easily monitor its status, ensuring quick and convenient access to essential information. With the RPT-3130TR, you can trust in the protection it offers and be confident that your equipment remains safe even in unstable power environments.

RPT-3130TR 3000VA / 1800W Line Interactive UPS, w/ USB & DB9 port

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