24-P Gigabit PoE + 2-Gigabit TP + 2-SFP(1G) slot Ethernet Switch

Model: RP-PG2244

  • 24 PoE ports, 2*1G ports, 2*1G SFP slots.
  • Single port: 30W, total PoE budget: 270W.
  • Default and VLAN modes for adaptability.
  • PoE usage rate display for power monitoring.
  • 6KV surge, 6KV contact / 8KV air ESD protection.

RP-PG2244 is equipped with 24 * 10/100/1000M PoE ports, compliant with IEEE 802.3af/at standard for PoE+, delivering 30W per port and a maximum power output of 270W.  Additionally, the switch offers 2*10/100/1000M ports and 2* 1000M SFP uplink ports, providing high-speed connectivity for efficient data transfer.

RP-PG2244 offers adaptability through two operating modes: Default and VLAN, catering to diverse environments. Its versatile features include PoE usage rate indication, providing a convenient display of power consumption. Additionally, RP-PG2244 prioritizes reliability with high anti-interference capabilities, featuring 6KV surge protection and 6KV contact / 8KV air Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection.

Well-suited for deployment in demanding environments, RP-PG2244 contributes to the seamless operation of security network video monitoring systems and other network applications. With a focus on both performance and protection, it serves as a reliable solution for organizations seeking a robust and adaptable network switch.

RP-PG2244 24-P Gigabit PoE + 2-Gigabit TP + 2-SFP(1G) slot Ethernet Switch(270W)

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