Ethernet over VDSL2 Extender

Model: RP-VC111T

  • VDSL2 G.993.2 compliant
  • Voice & data on one line
  • EoVDSL2 port: 100Mbps/100Mbps, 1000ft
  • Long Reach: 17Mbps downstream, 5000ft
  • DIP switch for mode selection
  • Plug-&-Play, no configuration
  • Transparent to all protocols
  • Diagnostic LED indicators
  • Desktop design, wall-mountable

RP-VC111T Ethernet Extender offers a simple, reliable, and cost-effective solution for extending your network over long distances. With its high-performance capabilities, it provides seamless connectivity without the need for rewiring. By utilizing existing RJ11 phone cables, this extender enables high-speed point-to-point data transmission, achieving fast-Ethernet speeds of 10/100Mbps.

Experience the convenience of extending network access or connecting IP cameras and WiFi access points in remote areas such as stadiums, auditoriums, or campuses. The RP-VC111T ensures reliable network connectivity even at longer distances, making it a versatile solution for various environments.

With its plug-n-play design, the RP-VC111T allows for easy setup without the requirement of software or driver installation. Enjoy a transmission distance of up to 1500M, providing flexibility in device placement. The compact housing of the extender makes it suitable for desktop or wall-mount applications, ensuring space-saving convenience and versatility.

RP-VC111T 10/100Bast-TX Ethernet over VDSL2 Extender (Twins Package)

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