Ethernet Extender over Coaxial

Model: RP-EC500CK

  • Transmit TCP/IP up to 800m over coaxial cable
  • BNC: 500m at 100Mbps, 1000m at 10Mbps
  • RJ45: Supports 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-T1
  • Automatic MDI/MDI-X: Hassle-free connectivity
  • Full Duplex & Half Duplex modes for flexibility
  • Energy-Efficient Ethernet: Reduced power consumption
  • BNC: 30KV (ESD), 30A (Lightning) surge protection
  • RJ45: 1.5KV surge protection for equipment safety

RP-EC500CK is an advanced IP extender that revolutionizes network connectivity. It uses a single coaxial cable to transmit TCP/IP signals up to 800 meters with a bandwidth capacity of 100Mbps, surpassing the limitations of traditional Ethernet transmission. With its ability to convert analog cameras to IP cameras without cable replacement, it saves on labor and costs.

Designed to be fully compatible with protocols, codes, and applications, the RP-EC500CK seamlessly integrates with any TCP/IP device and its management software. It offers a flexible solution for extending TCP/IP signals to remote cameras, making network expansion effortless. With extended transmission distances, remarkable compatibility, and surge protection, it is a game-changing solution that delivers superior performance and cost savings.

Upgrade your network effortlessly with the RP-EC500CK and experience seamless connectivity over long distances. It is the perfect choice for extending networks to remote cameras while saving on labor and costs. Benefit from its exceptional compatibility and surge protection features, and embrace the future of network expansion.

RP-EC500CK Ethernet Extender over Coaxial

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