Ethernet Long Reach Extender over CAT5e

Model: RP-EC500K

  • Extend TCP/IP signal over CAT5e/6
  • Transmit 500m at 100Mbps, 800m at 10Mbps
  • Multi-standard support
  • Auto MDI/MDI-X
  • Full & half duplex
  • EEE Energy-Efficient
  • 1.5KV surge protection

RP-EC500K is an Ethernet Long Reach Extender designed to overcome the 100-meter Ethernet transmission limit by extending networking devices up to 800 meters using cost-effective CAT5e cable. This solution offers incredible versatility, remaining transparent to various protocols, codes, and applications, ensuring seamless compatibility with any TCP/IP device and its management software. It is an ideal choice for extending TCP/IP signals to remote cameras and other networked devices.

RP-EC500K supports TCP/IP signal extension over CAT5e/6 cable, with a distance range of 500 meters at 100Mbps or an impressive 800 meters at 10Mbps. The extender is compatible with 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 100BASE-T1 standards, offering support for Auto MDI/MDI-X, full duplex, half duplex modes, and EEE Energy-Efficient Ethernet. Additionally, it incorporates built-in 1.5KV (Line to Line) surge protection, ensuring reliable and secure network connections.

RP-EC500K is a powerful and cost-effective solution for extending Ethernet connections over significant distances, making it an excellent choice for applications such as remote camera access. With its extensive compatibility and robust feature set, it offers reliable and efficient networking solutions for various scenarios, extending the reach of TCP/IP signals with ease.

RP-EC500K Ethernet Long Reach Extender over CAT5e cable

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