24*Fast Ethernet +2G(1000T/SFP) Ports L2+ Managed Switch

Model: RP-2402GI/S+

  • Support out-band console and in-band SNMP/Http/Telnet management interface
  • Support Https web security function
  • 4 priority queues are supported on each port for QoS application
  • Support port-based VLAN, 802.1Q VLAN and Private VLAN
  • Support protected port and LoopBack Detection function
  • Support Q-in-Q(double tagging) function
  • Support static Mac address access limit and dynamic Mac address number on port
  • Support IP-Mac Binding on port

RP-2402GI/S+ is a cost-efficient and high-performance management switch with 24TX + 2G ports, providing 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet connectivity. It supports various management functions, including ACL packet control, SNMP/Http/Telnet remote management, and L2 switch management features such as VLAN, Port Security, QoS, and Port Mirroring. The switch also features Auto-MDIX for easy cable connection on every port.

RP-2402GI/S+ offers both out-band console and in-band SNMP/Http/Telnet management interfaces, ensuring flexible management options. Additionally, the switch supports HTTPS web security for enhanced security measures. With 4 priority queues per port, it enables effective QoS application, while port-based VLAN, 802.1Q VLAN, and Private VLAN functionalities enhance network segmentation and control. The switch also provides features like protected port, Loop Back Detection, Q-in-Q (double tagging), and IP-MAC Binding.

RP-2402GI/S+ is a cost-effective, high-performance switch, suitable for organizations aiming to enhance network efficiency, security, and performance while maintaining simplicity and affordability.

RP-2402GI/S+  24*Fast Ethernet +2G(1000T/SFP) Ports L2+ Managed Switch

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