24-P Gigabit + 4-SFP (1G/2.5G) slot L2+ Managed Switch

Model: RP-G83240I-4F

  • IPv4/IPv6 routing, DHCP support
  • GE ports, 2.5GE aggregation
  • Access/trunk/hybrid VLANs
  • Port/VLAN/flow-based QinQ
  • Many-to-one port mirroring
  • STP, RSTP, MSTP, G.8032 ERPS
  • IGMP snooping for multicast
  • QoS: SP, WRR, rate-limiting
  • Dot1x, port/MAC authentication
  • LLDP, user/login authentication
  • SNMP, web management
  • Firmware update, backup/restore

RP-G83240I-4F, a versatile Layer 2+ managed Gigabit switch designed for enterprise networks. With 24 gigabit ports and 4 *1G/2.5G SFP slots, this switch delivers full Gigabit access and impressive scalability, achieving exceptional 2.5G performance. It supports Layer 3 static routing and offers a switching capacity of 68 Gbps.

The RP-G83240I-4F meets the needs of modern networks, providing comprehensive QoS capabilities, flexible management, and robust security features at a cost-effective price. It ensures high-speed, secure, and intelligent networking for enterprises. The switch offers advanced protocols, VLAN classification options, port mirroring, layer 2 ring network protocols, multicast support, and comprehensive QoS features.

With support for LLDP, user management, SNMP, web management, firmware updates, and utilities like Ping and Tracert, the RP-G83240I-4F simplifies network monitoring and maintenance. It empowers enterprises with reliable performance and efficient network operations.

RP-G83240I-4F 24-P Gigabit + 4-SFP (1G/2.5G) slot L2+ Managed Switch

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