RP-UPH103T | RP-UPH203T | RP-UPH303T

RP-UPH103T | RP-UPH203T | RP-UPH303T
1KVA / 3KVA Double conversion On-Line UPS High Frequency Type

    • True Sine-wave Double Conversion On-Line UPS
    • Microprocessor Control Guarantees High Reliability
    • Extended Back-up Time with External Battery Bank
    • Unite Input Power Factor and Wide Input Range
    • DC Start and Automatic Self-diagnostic
    • RS-232 Communication Port and Built-in Function
    • High Efficiency Design to save Electricity SNMP Slot
    • Low Heat Dissipation in Long Time Operation
    • Designed to operate under Harsh Environment
    • Enhanced Protections against Lightning Surges, Disturbances and etc

  • Front Panel

    1. LCD Display

    2. Up-key

    3. Down-key

    4. Enter-Key

    5. Fault LED (red)

    6. Warning LED (yellow)

    7. Normal LED (green)

    Back Panel


    1. Communication port
    2. Intelligent Slot
    3. Cooling Fan
    4. Tel/Modem Spike Protection Port
    5. Input Breaker
    6. External Battery
    7. Input port
    8. Remote control
    9. Outlets

  • Model   RP-UPH103T RP-UPH203T RP-UPH303T
    Input Capacity 1KVA/700W 2KVA/1400W 3KVA/2100W
    Phase Single Phase
    Nominal Voltage 220Vac/110Vac
    Voltage Range 160-300Vac(70%-100%load),140-300Vac (50%-70% load),
    118-300Vac (0%-50% load)
    Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz ± 4Hz
    Power Factor ≥0.95 ≥0.97
    Output Voltage 220VAC ± 2% (230V or 240V re-settable via LCD panel)
    110V ± 2% (100V,115V or 120V re-settable via LCD panel )
    Frequency Synchronized ( Line mode); 50Hz or 60Hz +/-0.5%  (Battery mode)
    Wave-form True Sine wave
    Distortion ≤3% (linear load) , ≤ 6% (non-linear load) ≤4% (linear load) , ≤7% (non-linear load)
    Overload Capacity 105% - 125% :5 min, 125%~150%: 30 sec., >150% : 200ms
    Crest Ratio 03:01
    Battery DC Voltage 36V 96V
    Capacity 12V / 7Ah *3pcs 12V / 7Ah *8pcs
    Back-up Time < 5 min. < 9 min.  < 5 min.
    Charger Built-In /Option 1Amp/8Amp 1Amp/8Amp
    Recharging Time 5 hrs to 90%
    Bypass Automatic Overload or UPS fault
    By setting Voltage Range: 176~256V±20V (Re-settable via LCD panel)
    Transfer Time 0 ms( 2.5ms inverter to bypass)
    Indicator LCD UPS status, I/P&O/P Voltage & Frequency, Load %, Battery Voltage, Battery Capacity %, Temperature, Model Spec., Event Log.
    LED: Normal (Green), Warning (Yellow), Fault (Red)
    Outlet Tower NEMA *3pcs or
    IEC320 *4pcs
    NEMA *6pcs or
    IEC320 *6pcs
    NEMA *6pcs or
    IEC320 *3+ TB *1
    Audible Alarm Battery Mode Beeping every 4 seconds (re-settable)
    Battery Low Beeping every seconds
    Overload Beeping twice per second
    Fault Beeping Continuously
    Interface RS-232 Interface UPSilon2000 monitoring software for Windows all, Unix systems and Novell.
    Multi-Interface Slot SNMP card, AS 400, Dry Contact, USB Selectable
    Network Surge Protection RJ45 I/O port for Network or RJ 11 for Fax / Modem
    Parallel   N/A
    Environment Temperature 0~40°C;32~104°F
    Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
    Acoustic Noise <45 dBA ( at 1M ) <50 dBA ( at 1 M)
    Physical Weight (w/o Battery 6.5 kgs 13.5kgs 14.5kgs
    Weight (w/ Battery) 15 kgs 34 kgs 35 kgs
    Dimension W*H*D 160 * 220 * 400 mm 200 * 352 * 450 mm
    Color White

    *Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

  • RP-UPH103T 1KVA/700W Double conversion On-Line UPS (High Frequency)Tower Type
    RP-UPH203T 2KVA/1400W Double conversion On-Line UPS (High Frequency)Tower Type
    RP-UPH303T 3KVA/2100W Double conversion On-Line UPS(High Frequency)Tower Type
    MOD-UPSSNMP UPS SNMP Card for RP-UPH 1~3KAV series
    MOD-UPHUB310 USB Card for RP-UPH 1~3KAV series

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