RP-UPH103R | RP-UPH203R | RP-UPH303R

RP-UPH103R | RP-UPH203R | RP-UPH303R
1KVA ~ 3KVA Double conversion On-Line UPS (High Frequency) Rack Type

  • RP-UPH series On-Line UPS is designed with latest technology, making it distinguished by its performance and reliability. The input range is extraordinary wide so that the UPS can still run well in areas of poor utility and be robust in various applications. It also eliminates unnecessary battery discharges to prolong the life expectancy of battery. The rectifier stage of RP-UPH series implements high frequency, PWM, and power factor correction method. Therefore, the input current is purely sine wave, and power factor can be over 95%.

    RP-UPH series have very small harmonic current drawn from the utility. That is, it generates no interference to the utility. Beside, the inverter of the unit adopts newest and tough IGBT, high frequency PWM method. So it can response quickly to load change, especially the impressing capability of starting computer load. All power stages are carefully designed to optimal efficiency so as to save the user’s running cost, and minimize heat dissipation. The unit, controlled by the innovative software programs, can self-diagnose all the time and provides various status and data displayed clearly on the panel.


    • True Sine-wave double conversion on-line UPS
    • Multiple Microprocessor High frequency design & DSP Technology
    • Unity input power factor and wide input range
    • Extended backup time
    • Two-way dialogue interactive dot-matrix LCD control panel
    • Detachable LCD or LED Control Panel selectable
    • Communication ports selectable: Smart RS232, SNMP, AS-400, USB and DB-9
    • DC start and automatic self-diagnostic function
    • Low heat dissipation in long time operation
    • High efficiency design to save electricity
    • Enhanced protections against lighting surges, disturbances etc.
    • Designed to operate under harsh environment

  • LCD Control Panel

    RP-UPH series built-in intelligent tow-way dialogue interactive dot-matrix LCD control panel provide monitoring as well as management access to the UPS.

    1. LCD Display

    2. Up-key

    3. Down-key

    4. Enter-Key

    5. Fault LED (red)

    6. Warning LED (yellow)

    7. Normal LED (green)



    Back Panel


    1. Fax / Modem (Surge Protection)
    2. DB 9 (RS-232) Interface Port
    3. Intelligent Slot (Option)
    4. Fan
    5. Breaker
    6. Input Socket
    7. Output Socket (NEMA or IEC)
    8. External Battery Socket
    9. Remote Control
    10. Output Socket (for 2KVA NEMA or IEC)

  • Model   RP-UPH103R RP-UPH203R RP-UPH303R
    Capacity 1KVA/700W 2KVA/1400W 3KVA/2100W
    Input Phase Single Phase
    Nominal Voltage 220Vac/110Vac
    Voltage Range 160-300Vac(70%-100%load),140-300Vac (50%-70% load),
    118-300Vac (0%-50% load)
    Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz ± 4Hz
    Power Factor ≥0.95 ≥0.97
    Output Voltage 220VAC ± 2% (230V or 240V re-settable via LCD panel)
    110V ± 2% (100V,115V or 120V re-settable via LCD panel )
    Frequency Synchronized ( Line mode); 50Hz or 60Hz +/-0.5%  (Battery mode)
    Wave-form True Sine wave
    Distortion ≤4% (linear load) ,≤7% non-linear load)
    Overload Capacity 105% - 125% :5 min, 125%~150%: 30 sec., >150% : 200ms
    Crest Ratio 03:01
    Battery DC Voltage 36V 96V
    Capacity 12V / 7Ah *3pcs 12V / 7Ah *8pcs
    Back-up Time < 5 min. < 9 min. < 5 min.
    Charger Built-In /Option 1Amp/8Amp 1Amp/8Amp
    Recharging Time 5 hrs to 90%
    Bypass Automatic Overload or UPS fault
    By setting Voltage Range: 176~256V±20V (Re-settable via LCD panel)
    Transfer Time 0 ms( 2.5ms inverter to bypass)
    Indicator LCD UPS status, I/P&O/P Voltage & Frequency, Load %, Battery Voltage, Battery Capacity %, Temperature, Model Spec., Event Log.
    LED: Normal (Green), Warning (Yellow), Fault (Red)
    Outlet Rack NEMAx4pcs or
    NEMAx2+TBx1 or
    NEMAx2+TBx1 or
    Audible Alarm Battery Mode Beeping every 4 seconds (re-settable)
    Battery Low Beeping every seconds
    Overload Beeping twice per second
    Fault Beeping Continuously
    Interface RS-232 Interface UPSilon2000 monitoring software for Windows all, Unix systems and Novell.
    Multi-Interface Slot SNMP card, AS 400, Dry Contact, USB Selectable
    Network Surge Protection RJ45 I/O port for Network or RJ 11 for Fax / Modem
    Parallel   N/A
    Environment Temperature 0~40°C;32~104°F
    Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
    Acoustic Noise <45 dBA ( at 1M ) <50 dBA ( at 1 M)
    Physical Weight (w/o Battery 8.0 kgs 9.5 kgs 10.5 kgs
    Weight (w/ Battery) 15.5 kgs
    Dimension W*H*D 440 x 88 x 465mm
    Color White

    *Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

  • RP-UPH103R 1KVA/700W Double conversion On-Line UPS (High Frequency), Rack Type
    RP-UPH203R 2KVA/1400W Double conversion On-Line UPS (High Frequency), Rack Type
    RP-UPH303R 3KVA/2100W Double conversion On-Line UPS (High Frequency), Rack Type
    MOD-UPSSNMP UPS SNMP Card for RP-UPH 1~3KAV series
    MOD-UPHUB310 USB Card for RP-UPH 1~3KAV series

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