1-USB2.0 Wireless-n Print Server with 1LAN

Model: RP-WUP211

  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard compliant
  • USB2.0 High Speed port (PID1) for printer
  • DHCP Server and Client support
  • UPnP compatibility
  • LDP/LPR for TCP/IP Printer Port
  • Built-in Reset Button for factory defaults
  • SNMP & HP Web JetAdmin support

RP-WUP211 Print Server enables seamless printer sharing over WiFi or wired LAN. Share standard USB printers wirelessly or through a wired connection. Compatible with various wireless standards and features an RJ45 port for wired connectivity.

Enjoy the convenience of printer placement anywhere with network access. Avoid purchasing individual printers for each area. RP-WU211 supports SNMP for remote printer management and warning notifications. Access the server through the embedded web interface and use the Windows-based PSAdmin utility for easy setup.

Connect to your wireless network quickly with the WPS button. Perfect for mixed environments with USB 2.0 compatibility. Simplify printer sharing with the RP-WUP211 Wireless-N USB Print Server. Experience effortless connectivity, flexible placement, and streamlined management.

RP-WUP211 1-USB2.0 Wireless-n Print Server with 1LAN (Antenna on board)

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