RP-1000SC | RP-1000C1 | RP-1000C2

1000Base-T to 1000Base-SX/LX Smart Gigabit Media Converter

Model: RP-1000SC | RP-1000C1 | RP-1000C2

  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE802.3z Standards
  • Provides 1*1000Base-T port, 1*1000Base-SX/LX port
  • Supports Full Duplex and Auto-negotiation mode
  • Front panel diagnostic LED indications
  • LLCF ( Link Loss Carry Forward, Link Pass Through)
  • Support LLR ( Link Loss Return ) for Fiber port
  • Provides link down source port information

RP-1000 series is a purpose-built media converter designed to establish seamless connections between 1000Base-T and 1000Base-SX/LX fiber media. Equipped with a slide switch, it offers an array of smart functions that can be easily configured. These functions include auto-negotiation/force settings for the fiber interface, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. Additionally, it incorporates the innovative Link Pass-through function (LLCF/LLR), enhancing network diagnostic capabilities.  
The Link Loss Carry Forward (LLCF) function, in conjunction with Link Loss Return (LLR), facilitates network connection diagnosis. If there is a problem with the link media, the LLR function triggers an immediate LED caution light, drawing the attention of network administrators. This efficient solution helps monitor the network and minimize losses caused by link issues.
RP-1000 series offers versatile deployment options to cater to various networking environments. It can be used as a standalone unit, providing convenient connectivity for individual devices. Alternatively, it can be seamlessly integrated as a slide-in module within the 19" converter rack RP-MCR116, enabling efficient management in central wiring closets. Moreover, the hot-swappable nature of these converters, when used with the chassis, ensures convenient maintenance without interrupting network operations, reducing downtime and enhancing overall network reliability.

RP-1000SC 1000Base-T to SX Smart Gigabit Media Converter, MM/SC
RP-1000C1 1000Base-T to LX Smart Gigabit Media Converter, SM/10 Km
RP-1000C2 1000Base-T to LX Smart Gigabit Media Converter, SM/20 Km

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