8-P Fast Ethernet + WDM Managed Switch

Model: RP-1708BD15

  • Support out-band console and in-band SNMP/Http/Telnet management interface
  • Prevents packet loss with back pressure and IEEE802.3x flow control functions
  • Supports IEEE 802.1p Class of Service with 4-level priority queuing
  • Support Static Mac Address access limit on port
  • Support IEEE 802.1x Port Security function
  • Support IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree function
  • Support broadcast/flooding/multicast traffic control
  • Support Loopback detection function
  • Support DHCP client function, Support RMON 1,2,3,9
  • Support Text configuration download and upload

RP-1708BD15 is a cost-effective and high-performance networking solution designed for efficient Ethernet/Fast Ethernet connectivity. With its Broadcom solution, this 8-port switch offers versatile and reliable network infrastructure. It features eight RJ-45 connectors and one 100FX connector, allowing for flexible port configurations. The switch's Port 1 automatically adjusts between TX and FX modes based on the active link, providing adaptable connectivity options.

RP-1708BD15 goes beyond basic functionality with comprehensive managed features. SNMP, HTTP, and Telnet operations enable remote management, while Layer 2 switch capabilities such as VLAN, Port Security, Rate Control, and QoS functions ensure efficient network control. The switch supports Auto MDI-X for seamless cable connections, simplifying setup and maintenance.

RP-1708BD15 Managed Switch prioritizes network security with robust features like static MAC address access limits and IEEE 802.1x Port Security. It ensures reliability with rapid spanning tree function and offers convenient features like DHCP client function, RMON support, and remote port configuration settings. This cost-effective switch optimizes Ethernet/Fast Ethernet connectivity, empowering you to enhance network efficiency, reliability, and security.

RP-1708BD15  8-P Fast Ethernet + WDM Managed Switch

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