10GBase-T/NBASE-T PCIe Network Adapter

Model: RP-4010EX

  • Auto-negotiation for multiple speeds
  • Remarkable performance boost
  • Low-power PCIe form factor
  • Wide NBASE-T compatibility
  • Increased bandwidth up to 10Gbps
  • Enhanced IEEE802.3an compliance
  • Efficient CPU utilization
  • MSI and MSI-X support
  • LSO and RSS capabilities
  • IPv4/IPv6 checksum offloading

The RP-4010EX is an advanced Multi-Gigabit 10GBase-T/NBASE-T Network Adapter that delivers exceptional connectivity. It offers auto-negotiation capabilities for 10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M speeds over Cat5e/Cat6 or better cables. Designed with a low-power, low-profile PCIe small form factor and a single-port solution, the RP-4010EX enables widespread adoption of NBASE-T connectivity, resulting in a remarkable performance boost of up to 500 percent compared to Gigabit Ethernet speeds.

Featuring a PCIe x4 universal interface, the RP-4010EX is compatible with PCIe x8 and x16 channels, ensuring seamless integration with various systems. It adheres to the IEEE802.3an/IEEE802.3bz standard and complies with the NBASE-T specification. The adapter supports essential features such as MSI, MSI-X, LSO, RSS, and IPv4/IPv6 checksum offloading, all of which enhance performance and reduce CPU utilization.

The RP-4010EX is a versatile Gigabit Ethernet Adapter that offers seamless compatibility with Windows  and Linux (3.16, 4.2, 4.4, 4.15, 5.4). With reliable 10Gbps high-speed connectivity, it provides a cost-effective solution for diverse networking needs.

RP-4010EX  10GBase-T/NBASE-T PCIe Network Adapter

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