100Base-FX PCI Ethernet Adapter, SC

Model: RP-1450FC

  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3u and 100Base-FX
  • SC fiber transceiver for reliable connectivity
  • Maximum 2km transfer distance
  • LED indicators for network monitoring
  • PCI 2.2 plug-and-play installation
  • Driver support for popular operating systems
  • Convenient monitoring features
  • Easy integration and installation
  • SC multimode fiber transceiver
  • VLAN tagging and flow control supported
  • Wake-on-LAN power management

RP-1450FC is a reliable PCI Fast Ethernet adapter designed equipped with PCI computer bus slots. It supports SC fiber transceivers, offering reliable and efficient fiber optic connectivity. With a maximum transfer distance of 2km, the RP-1450FC enables extended network reach, making it ideal for various applications.

To provide easy network monitoring, RP-1450FC features LED indicators (LINK/ACT, FDX) on the bracket. These indicators allow users to oversee network and board link status, activity levels, collision detection, and full-duplex operation. The adapter is equipped with PCI 2.2 plug-and-play capability, ensuring easy installation without the need for complex configurations.

RP-1450FC is a reliable and versatile PCI Fast Ethernet adapter that offers high-performance networking capabilities, convenient monitoring features, and easy installation, making it an excellent choice for enhancing network connectivity in personal computer environments.

RP-1450FC 100Base-FX PCI Ethernet Adapter, SC

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