Gigabit Fiber PCI Express Adapter

Model: RP-3300EXA

  • Single-port 1000BASE-SX PCIe adapter
  • High-performance PCIe Gen 2.1 (2.5GT/s)
  • Innovative power management with EEE
  • DMA Coalescing, compact, efficient design
  • IEEE 802.1Qav Audio-Video-Bridging (AVB)
  • support IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
  • Reliable Gigabit Ethernet by Intel Chips

RP-3300EXA is a 1000base-SX Ethernet adapter model featuring the Intel I210IS Ethernet Controller. It is a top choice for Fiber to the Desktop (FTTD) applications, setting up optical fiber LAN networks. This adapter complies with industry standards like IEEE 802.3z and 1000Base-X, offering a robust and reliable full-duplex bandwidth of up to 2000Mbps for high-end servers.

With advanced features, the RP-3300EXA goes beyond basic networking capabilities. It enhances performance, offers flexible configurations, and ensures secure networking within standard-based environments. This empowers users to optimize network infrastructure, improve data management, network segmentation, and security protocols.

RP-3300EXA sets a new industry standard with its compliance, advanced functionality, and convenient monitoring. LED indicators provide quick link status and activity assessment for seamless network operation in various settings. Known for its high data security, reliability, stability, and compatibility, it is widely adopted in sensitive industries like prosecution, courts, police, military enterprises, and defense sectors, earning unanimous recognition from customers.

RP-3300EXA 1000Base-X Fiber PCI Express Adapter, SC multi-mode

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