16-P Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Model: RP-G1416D

  • Wire-speed packet filtering and forwarding rate
  • Architectural filtering omits fragmented & CRC error packets
  • 802.1p CoS
  • 802.3az feature on/off push button for power saving or performance mode
  • 8K MAC address entries in whole system
  • 256K packet buffer memory
  • 9K bytes Jumbo Frames
  • Fanless design for silent operation
  • With 19" Rack Mount Kits
  • With 10" Rack Mount Kits(optional)

RP-G1416D provides 16 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit ports that lead you to a real Gigabit connection. Users are now able to transfer large and high bandwidth-needed files faster and hence get a real efficiency improvement.

RP-G1416D offers users with fast and reliable network. The store-and-forward architecture filters errors and forwards packets in a non-blocking environment. Flow control ensures the correctness of data transmitting. The 802.3x and backpressure flow control mechanisms work respectively for full and half duplex modes.

RP-G1416D features with easy installation and maintenance. It supports N-Way auto-negotiation protocol, which detects the networking speed (either 10/100/1000 Mbps) and the duplex modes (Full or Half duplex mode) automatically and do an immediately adjustment to advance the capability and performance. Auto-MDI/MDI-X function alleviates the effort to use crossover cables. Users need not to prepare crossover cables for equipment connectivity. Also, rich diagnostic LEDs are provided for users to get real-time information of the connection status that helps to do quick response and correction.

RP-G1416D  16-P Gigabit Ethernet Switch

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