RP-INS1200 Series

RP-INS1200 Series
1200VA~8000VA Line Interactive pure sine wave Inverter

  • RP-INS1200 series, a powerful all-in-one inverter which delivers unsurpassed clean true sine wave output power for all appliances in the office, home and industry, from a cell phone charger to a circular saw, including work lights, drills, vacuums, printer, fax machines, soldering irons, and more.

    The UPS can be use at job sites, traveling, camp sites and during power failure emergencies. With its strong and durable design, The UPS can be connected to non-limited number batteries and to ensure non-stop 24 hours operation. The built-in 5-stage intelligent charger provides an efficient charge ability without the risk of overcharge. Optional solar charger server supports solar panel to work in parallel with utility. The compact & modular design make utility interactive installations easier and more cost effective. It is a high quality product which offers the best performance for home, office use as well as in the industry.

    • Un-limited load applicability
    • Un-limited batteries backup time
    • 24 hours operation on the inverter
    • Multi-stage charger supports batteries up to 600AH
    • Compatible with both linear & non-linear load
    • Controllable & Removable panel with LCD
    • Parameter pre-settable
    • Low DC Voltage supports Office and Home appliances
    • DC start and automatic self-diagnostic function
    • High efficiency design to save electricity
    • Low heat dissipation in long time operation
    • Designed to operate under harsh environment
    • Optional Multiple interfaces cards available
    • Support solar panel (Optional)

  • Front Panel

    1.  LCD Display
    2. Up-key
    3. Down-key
    4. Enter-Key
    5. Fault LED (red)
    6. Warning LED (yellow)
    7. Normal LED (green)
    8. ON/TEST/MUTE key


    Back Panel

    1.2KVA Wall Mounted Type
    3.Intelligent Slot
    4.Remote Control
    2.4KVA / 3.6KVA Wall Mounted Type
    1. BATTERY(+)
    2. BATTERY(-)
    3. Intelligent Slot
    4. Remote Control
    5. Breaker
    6. Terminal
    7. Solar
    3.5KVA / 6KVA / 8KVA Wall Mounted Type

    1. BATTERY(+)
    2. BATTERY(-)
    3. Intelligent Slot
    4. Remote Control
    5. Breaker
    6. Terminal
    7. Solar


  • Model Mode RP-INS1200 RP-INS2400 RP-INS3600 RP-INS5000 RP-INS6000 RP-INS8000
    Capacity VA / Watt 1.2KVA / 800W 2.4KVA / 1600W 3.6KVA / 2400W 5KVA / 4000W 6KVA / 6000W 8KVA /8000W
    Input Nominal Voltage 230Vac / 120Vac 230Vac(only)
    Voltage Range Acceptable Voltage Range 120Vac-270Vac / 60Vac-135Vac 120Vac-270Vac
    Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz  Auto Sensing ( 45Hz - 70Hz)
    Line Low Transfer 120Vac ± 2% ; 60Vac ± 2% 120Vac ± 2%
    Line Low Return 130Vac ± 2% ; 65Vac ± 2% 130Vac ± 2%
    Line High Transfer 270Vac ± 2% ; 135Vac ± 2% 270Vac ± 2%
    Line High Return 260Vac ± 2% ; 130Vac ± 2% 260Vac ± 2%
    Output Voltage 230Vac (220V or 240Vac re-settable via LCD panel);
    120Vac (110V or 115Vac re-settable via LCD panel)
    Voltage Regulation Line Mode Follow Ac Line Voltage
    Battery Mode < 3% RMS for entire battery voltage range
    Frequency Regulation Line Mode Follow Ac Line Hz
    Battery Mode 50Hz or 60Hz  ±0.1Hz
    Waveform Pure Sine wave
    Power Factor 0.67 0.8 1
    Efficiency > 75% > 80%
    Overload Protection Line Mode Circuit Breaker
    Battery Mode 110% ~ 150% for 30 sec. , >150% for 200ms
    Transfer Time Typical < 8 ms.
    Battery Battery Voltage 24Vdc 24Vdc 24Vdc 24Vdc 48Vdc
    Backup Time(at Full Load) Long Time Available
    Charging Current(3 Steps Selectable) 10~30A 10~ 40A 10~50A
    Display for LCD(Option)  LCD UPS status, I/P&O/P Voltage Frequency, Load%,
    Battery Voltage & %, Temperature, Model
    LED Normal (Green), Warning (Yellow), Fault (Red)
    Audible Alarm Battery  Mode Beeping every 4 seconds
    Low Battery Beeping every second
    UPS Fault Beeping Continuously
    Overload Beeping twice per second
    Environment Operation Temperature 0-40 degree C; 32-104 degree F
    Relative Humidity 0-95% non-dondensing
    Audible Noise Less than 45dBA (at 1M) Less than 46dBA (at 1M)
    Physical Net Weigh (Kgs) 14.8 23 24.2 49.2Kg 51.4Kg 53.6Kg
    Dimension(WxHxD)mm(wall mount) 298*400*150 298*450*190 415*600*260

    *Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

  • RP-INS1200 1.2KVA/800W Line Interactive pure sine wave Inverter
    RP-INS2400 2.4KVA/1600W Line Interactive pure sine wave Inverter
    RP-INS3600 3.6KVA/2400W Line Interactive pure sine wave Inverter
    RP-INS5000 5KVA/4000W Line Interactive pure sine wave Inverter
    RP-INS6000 6KVA/6000W Line Interactive pure sine wave Inverter
    RP-INS8000 8KVA/8000W Line Interactive pure sine wave Inverter
    MOD-INSSPC Solar PC Board

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