Gigabit 56V/112W Passive Ultra PoE Injector

Model: RP-PGAD112

The RP-PGAD112 is an 112W output Ultra Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector, which eliminates the need for external power supply. The RP-PGAD112 provides safe and cost effective PoE solution for Ethernet end terminals. It can feed Powered Device (PD) that needs Ultra power with maximum 112W power.

It is now available to use 112W Ultra power PoE Injector RP-PGAD112 to supply Power over Ethernet at higher power even than before over CAT5 or CAT6 cables in order to drive the new generation products, including smart TVs and LCD displays without for high voltage needed, expensive to install mains power cabling.

Any other higher power application requiring power to 112W can also be implemented using RP-PGAD112.

Installing home networks or rolling out display systems in airports, hotels, hospitality environments suddenly becomes that much easier with RP-PGAD112.

RP-PGAD112 Gigabit 56V/112W Passive Ultra PoE Injector

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