4-P Broadband Router

Model: RP-IP509

  • 10/100Mbps WAN interface for broadband access
  • Integrated 4-port Fast Ethernet switch
  • Built-in NAT function for firewall protection
  • Browser-based configuration and management
  • PPTP and L2TP protocol support
  • Internet connection sharing for multiple devices
  • Reliable and fast connectivity
  • Secure browsing and network protection
  • Easy firmware upgrades via web or Windows app
  • User-friendly installation and setup

RP-IP509 4-P Broadband Router offers reliable 10/100Mbps internet access. It features a WAN interface for easy connection to DSL, cable modems, or broadband access. With a built-in NAT function, it acts as a firewall to protect your network. Manage and configure settings through the web-based interface and easily upgrade firmware.

Experience fast and secure connectivity with the RP-IP509. Its integrated 4-port Fast Ethernet switch allows easy connection of multiple devices. The router supports PPTP and L2TP protocols for added flexibility. Its browser-based configuration is user-friendly, ensuring a simple setup for consumers.

Upgrade your internet experience with the RP-IP509 4-P Broadband Router. Connect multiple devices, share internet connections, and protect your network with ease. Enjoy hassle-free configuration, secure browsing, and efficient data management with this advanced router.

RP-IP509 4-P Broadband Router