Indoor Wireless

REPOTEC 11ac Dual-Band 4-P Gigabit wireless Router, 2T2R | RP-WR5822


Wireless-ac Dual-Band 4-P Gigabit AP Router, 2T2R
*802.11a/b/g/n/ac dual band 2.4GHz & 5GHz, 1200Mbps data rate
*WiFi ON/OFF, WPS switch button

REPOTEC 11n 4-Port Lan wireless Router, 2T2R | RP-WR5444


Wireless-N 4-Port AP Router, 2T2R
*Multi-SSID *IPv4/IPv6 dual stacks
*WiFi ON/OFF, WPS switch button

REPOTEC wireless Range Extender | RP-WRE300


300Mbps Wireless-N Range Extender
*Boosts existing WiFi network to places out of reach
*Wall-plug design *WPS button for quick setup

REPOTEC 11n 802.3at PoE Ceiling Wireless AP | RP-WAC5405B


Wireless-N 802.3at PoE Ceiling AP
*2T2R 300Mbps data rate *multi-SSID
*Support PoE/PD function (IEEE802.3af/at)

wireless network card


Wireless-N PCI Adapter, 2T2R
*Low power consumption
*Supports ad-hoc and infrastructure mode

wireless network card

RP- WP5122E

Wireless-N PCI-E Adapter, 2T2R
*Low power consumption
*Additional Low Profile Bracket