Broadband Communication

Repotec offers Broadband communication products which provide channels for data transmissions in different directions and by many different users.

Our xDSL converters convert your data from Ethernet to VDSL, making it easy to send high-bandwidth data over long distances. The technology uses twisted-pair telephone wiring instead of RJ45 Ethernet cables, extend the transmission distance over 100 meters on RJ45 Ethernet cable standard.

We also offer a wide range of innovative DSL routers and modem routers. Repotec DSL modem routers are compatible with DSL service providers to meet every type of home networking need.
It is a right solution to integrate Repotec xDSL converter or extender with building phone line networking technology, like hotel, office and apartment environment.

REPOTEC Ethernet over VDSL2 Converter | RP-VC102E


Ethernet over VDSL2 Converter
*100/100Mbps DownStream/ UpStream for distance up to 300 meters
*Supports DSL connection up to 2000 meters

Ethernet over VDSL2 poe extender


Ethernet over VDSL2 Converter, w/ 802.3af PoE
*EoVDSL2 supports 100/100Mbps Down/Up Stream for distance 300m
*Supports DSL connection up to 2000 meters

Coaxial over VDSL2 extender | RP-VC102C


Coaxial over VDSL2 converter
*100/100Mbps for distance up to 700 meters
*Supports coax connection up to 3000 meters

REPOTEC Ethernet over VDSL2 Extender | RP-VC111T


Ethernet over VDSL2 Extender
*Voice and Data work on the same telephone line
*EoVDSL2 supports 100/100Mbps Down/Up Stream for distance 300m

REPOTEC 2BASE-TL EFM Network Extender | RP-IP561N

RP-IP561N | RP-IP562N | RP-IP564N

2BASE-TL EFM Network Extender
*EFM Bonding (PAF, PME Aggregation Function) up to 22.8Mbps (4 pairs)
*Support EFM OAM complying IEEE 802.3ah



4-P Broadband Router
*Built-in firewall to protect your Intranet
*Supports PPTP, L2TP



4-P Broadband Router
*Built-in NAT (Network Address Transfer) technology
*Simple, intelligent, web-based management and configuration interface