MO-2407 | MO-2409

MO-2407 | MO-2409
Outdoor 2.4GHz 7dBi ~ 9dBi Mini OMNI Antenna

  • This Mini OMNI antenna delivers extended access point range in a single floor environment ideally positioned in the corner of a building. It functions from area-to-area so that you can wirelessly connect LANs between the buildings in a campus-type environment.


    • Designed for IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN communications
    • Mounts easy for outdoor or indoor application
    • Designed to obtain maximum gain
    • Made with weatherproof and corrosion resistant

  • Model MO-2407NM MO-2407NF MO-2409NM MO-2409NF
    Frequency   2400 - 2483MHz
    Gain 7dBi±1 9dBi±1
    Polarization   Vertical
    Beamwidth deg

    Horz: 360°  Vert: 16°

    Horz: 360°  Vert: 10°

    VSWR   ≤ 1.5:1
    Impedance   50 ohm
    Dimension 335*20mm 335*20mm 540*20mm 540*20mm
    Weight 84 g 73 g 117 g 106 g
    Connector N-type / Male N-type / Female N-type / Male N-type / Female

  • MO-2407NM 2.4GHz Mini Omni  Antenna with Gain 7dBi for N Male
    MO-2407NF 2.4GHz Mini Omni Antenna with Gain 7dBi for N Female
    MO-2409NM 2.4GHz Mini Omni Antenna with Gain 9dBi for N Male
    MO-2409NF 2.4GHz Mini  Omni Antenna with Gain 9dBi for N Female

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