MP822 | MP822AC30

MP822 | MP822AC30
12V/22AH Jump Start

  • MP822 is an intelligent jump starter with special automatic executive functions design. If your car has a history of draining the battery while parked, you may have invested in a jump starter.

    In using the traditional “Booster” or “Jump Starter”, the polarity may be misconnected by users which will cause the damages of vehicle’s electronic devices, such as clocks, alarms, radios, TV, GPS system….or engine computers.

    With this new generation jump starter MP822, users do not need to worry about the polarity connection. It supports reverse negative and positive pole auto-detection. It will automatically start the alarm to give a warning to the users if the connection is in reverse; and current will not flow if connected in reverse.

    MP822 can not only jump start a variety of vehicles, it is also able to charge various electronic devices, such as mobile phones, laptops and other electronics require the input of power to maintain optimal performance.

    The capacity of its battery is 12V/22AH Sealed Lead-Acid maintenance free Rechargeable battery; it still can produce 600 amps for jump-starting a car.

    • Auto Cut off Output Power While releasing Red clamp
    • Reverse Negative and Positive pole auto-Detection
    • Auto-Alarm if clamps be connected to vehicle’s battery in reverse pole
    • Current will not flow if connected in reverse
    • Clamps will not arc if touched together
    • Clamps will not arc while clipping on and releasing off from terminal of vehicle’s battery
    • 3 LED indicators displaying the standing
    • With 2 USB ports (5V1000mA),charging the iPhone & a working indicator
    • 4 LED Battery Level Indicators not through voltage meter
    • Made of high impact rubberized housing for a safe and secure grip.
    • Built-in overload protection
    • With safe switch (ON/OFF the output of cables)

  • Power Output
    • 12 Volts (DC) – MP822
    • 12 Volts (DC) and AC 110V or AC 240V – MP822AC30
    • 12V/22AH Sealed Lead-Acid maintenance free Rechargeable battery
    Boost Rate
    • Cranking 600 A
    Charging time
    • About 26-28 hours with (AC charging Adapter.)
    • About 4-6 hours with (DC charging Lead.)
    • 9.5Kgs – MP822
    • 9.7Kgs – MP822AC30
    • 27 x 13 x 35cm (LxWxH) - MP822
    • 27 x 22 x 35cm (LxWxH) – MP822AC30

  • MP822 12V/22AH Jump Start
    MP822AC30 12V/22AH Jump Start with AC output