8-Port Auto KVM Switch

  • This KVM Switch provides an easy access to multiple PS/2 or USB PCs from one PS/2 or USB keyboard, video, and mouse. No interface card or software is required for configuration. Installation is as easy as connecting PS/2 or USB cables to KVM Switch and computer.


    • Console your Keyboard/Mouse via either way of PS/2 or USB arbitrarily
    • Complex connections with PCs via either way of PS/2 or USB arbitrarily
    • Controls 8 computers from a single console (Keyboard/Mouse) over PS/2 and/or USB connections
    • Supports Windows, Linux, MaxOS9, Sun Microsystems
    • Features OSD (ON SCREEN DISPLAY)
    • Daisy Chainable-control up to 3 levels (up to 512 PCs)

  • Case design
    • 19” Rack
    PC selection method
    • Push Button / Keyboard Hot Keys / OSD
    PC side connector
    • HD-15M x8
    Console side connector
    • HD-15F x1, MD-6F x2, USB A Type x2
    PC side to Switch
    • 10 meters
    Console side to Switch
    • 5 meters
    Max. Resolution
    • 1600 x 1200
    Video Bandwidth
    • 200MHz
    Horizontal Frequency
    • 30-180KHz
    Vertical Frequency
    • 43-250Hz
    Power Supply
    • External power adapter DC12V
    • 439 x 189 x 43.5mm

  • RP-KVM871U 8-Port Auto KVM Switch, w/ KVM to KVM + USB/PS2 connector Cable

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