Gigabit Fiber PCI Express Adapter

Model: RP-3300EX

  • Enhanced performance for faster data transfers
  • Robust industry compliance for seamless integration
  • Flexible configuration options for versatile networking
  • Secure VLAN filtering for improved network security
  • Efficient data management for optimized network usage
  • Convenient LED indicators for easy status monitoring
  • Streamlined installation process for quick setup
  • Energy-efficient design for reduced power consumption
  • Advanced packet processing for enhanced efficiency
  • Improved security protocols for data protection
  • Comprehensive monitoring for network optimization

RP-3300EX is an exceptional Fiber Gigabit Ethernet to PCIe bus adapter that adheres to the highest industry standards, including IEEE 802.3z and 1000Base-X. Designed to deliver exceptional performance, it offers a maximum full-duplex bandwidth capacity of up to 2000Mbps, making it an ideal choice for high-end servers that require robust and reliable connectivity.

Equipped with advanced features such as VLAN filtering packet processing, the RP-3300EX goes beyond basic networking capabilities. It provides enhanced performance, flexible configuration options, and ensures secure networking for users operating within a standard-based environment. This enables efficient data management, improved network segmentation, and enhanced security protocols, empowering users to optimize their network infrastructure according to their specific requirements.

RP-3300EX Fiber Gigabit Ethernet adapter sets a new standard with its industry compliance, advanced functionality, and convenient monitoring. Equipped with LED indicators, it allows easy assessment of link status and activity levels for seamless network operation in various environments.


RP-3300EX 1000Base-X Fiber PCI Express Adapter, SC multi-mode
RP-3300EX/LC 1000Base-X Fiber PCI Express Adapter, LC multi-mode
RP-3300EX/S20 1000Base-X Fiber PCI Express Adapter, SC Single-Mode 20km

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